Last night the revolting and unkind ‘bruvvereccles’ took an utter unnecessary swipe at Bernadette Farrell for writing this, which was published in The Tablet: –

For those of you not familiar with Bernadette’s work she is primarily known for her hymn writing. Her composition Christ Be Our Light was the entrance hymn at my ordination, chosen mainly because of the final line “let us be servants to one another making your kingdom come”. Quite the opposite of the ‘lets try and exclude those that don’t like the same things as us’ attitude displayed by bruvvereccles and his fangirl toadies. (opps! now I’ve done it, my bad)

Bernie was also instrumental in starting well, I say instrumental, it was her idea and her energy that has now helped thousands upon thousands of people. As South London Citizens (in the early days) Citizens helped establish the concept of the living wage as opposed to the minimum wage.

Her work for peace with Margaret and Barry Mizen has been breathtaking. Bernie was there with the Mizens when the raw acute pain of losing Jimmy was under a worldwide spotlight. I’d bet my spectacles none of the EFTs have done any such work.

Yesterday’s swipe is made all the more odious when one considers the recent dreadful personal health issues Bernie, and her husband Owen have had to endure, just about as bad as it gets for the parent of any teenager. But of course this would not stop bruvvereccles.

Bernadette Farrell has made life and liturgy better for others, she continued to do this while facing something no one should face.

bruvvereccles is a bitter and twisted old neverwas (other than a has been) and that bitterness shows in almost every tweet. In his Nicomachean Ethic, Aristotle tells us one can be judged by the company one keeps. I will take this entirely on board. Any EFTs are no longer my friends, like a bishop asks at an ordination, they are not considered worthy.