Three weeks ago I chronicled my busy month. I had no idea at the time what would emerge. Forgive the whinge but I am writing this with a real sense of self pity and mourning. While the plan was for me to be at a diaconate formation day followed by deaconing a Confirmation Mass, things have changed.

A new event was announced and the school whose choir I sing with will be opening the Towards Advent festival at Westminster Cathedral Hall on St Cecilia’s Day, alas I cannot attend, one must go where your ordinary sends you, but I feel I am missing out somewhat.

There is a further sadness about Saturday as it would have been my Brother Mike’s birthday, we lost him in June. This very time we are in right now is a sad one for my family with the anniversary of mum’s death on 19th, it would have been my brother John’s birthday on 20th, and as I said, Mike’s on 22nd. Also I won’t be deaconing the Confirmation Mass now, I’m going to be a sponsor, but that’s not a sadness.

But my sadness is nothing compared to the fourth baby death in our parish in 11 months. Two of them to one mother who suffered a cot death in December and a stillbirth in August. How can I complain when there are three ladies mourning for their children, children who they held, loved and will never forget the face of, the feel of and the smell of their hair.

If you started reading this, gentle reader, and thought ‘I’ll offer a prayer for him, well there’s three families that are so much more worthy of prayers than this moany old goat. Please pray for them, and continue to do so.

Thank you