Last November I wrote a blog post called Diary of a Nutcase where I log a very busy two weeks. Well it seems to be a November thing.

Back to school tomorrow we have All Saints Day Mass for Year Seven, Tuesday sees a rehearsal for the annual Service of Remembrance. Wednesday sees Sixth Form Open Evening at one school, as does the same thing happen at the other school the following evening. From there I will go on to the parish Baptism lessons.

Next weekend I am away with the student deacons, the following Tuesday is when the Service of Remembrance takes place. In the evening I am joining the staff choir singing at a First World War memorial concert. Thursday will be Awards Night at school. On the Friday I have a liturgy group meeting, which I must attend rather than singing again with the staff choir. The weekend, being the third of the month is deacon’s preaching weekend in our parish, so I must gen up on perfect wives and not hiding our talents.

The following week is easier but still with it’s clashes. Thursday will be Baptism lessons again. Friday I am hosting a quiz night at school. I have been invited that evening to a former Anglican clergyman’s transitory diaconate ordination. He completed a special course at Wonersh just a few months ago and I would love to be there to welcome him, but when I agreed to do the quiz night he was still studying. I might pop in for a sherry if the reception is still happening when we have finished quizzing.

Saturday is a diaconate formation day and I am deaconing a Confirmation Mass in the evening.

While this does all look very busy, and will feel it when there is something else to fit in, something domestic like worming the cat or getting the boiler fixed I am very blessed that I can consider myself blessed to be able to do these things. I am fit, healthy and loved. We can all get ourselves wrapped up in our own small world when things don’t go our way (mea maxima culpa) but as I will have the privilege of preaching on, God gives us talents and abilities and it’s our duty, no matter how small and mundane they are (hello!) to use them.