Today’s gospel tells us we should love thy neighbour as we love ourselves. What does that mean? We have to look at how we love ourselves as opposed to how we love those close to us. We either love our loved ones in an emotional or romantic way, or perhaps both. Is that what Christ meant? We know it’s not.

The way to love our neighbour is to want the best for them. I heard these words at Mass today in a parish in the diocese of Arundel and Brighton. I found it interesting to hear them there where most of the people on the Arundel and Brighton omnibus want nothing but to move on from their news of last month when Bishop Conry resigned. What they want is the best for him, and the best for themselves too

Interestingly, some people,people who identify themselves as ‘orthodox’ are still happily banging on about the whole sorry business. such people can be quite quite draining, but we must love them too, and in hoping for the best outcome for Bishop Conry, we will wish for the best outcome for them as well.