Scenario: Laura starts a Twitter feed in the name of Margery Dore. Margery Dore exist mainly to be unkind to people. She has allies, the allies are also unkind to people, they, like Margery Dore are anonymous Twitter feeds.

One of Margery Dore’s great allies is Ted. Ted runs a Twitter feed call All Gas and Gaiters. This twitter feed is particularly unpleasant and cowardly. Both Margery Dore and All Gas and Gaiters enjoy being unkind to Gordon. Gordon is told by one of the other anonymous unkind blogs that Margery Dore is run by a lady called Eileen, who works in IT. Gordon is also presented with scant evidence as to who Ted is, pointing to someone called Darren. Gordon does a bit of work and draws wrong conclusions as to who Laura and Ted are.

However, Laura and Ted are quite happy for two innocent people to be accused of running the unkind, attacking, accounts that are Margery Dore and All Gas and Gaiters. But then Ted slips up! Ted should be aware that being an untrustworthy sort himself, his friends will be equally untrustworthy, and having upset one of his friends by showing a bit of compassion to an enemy, one of Ted’s friends gets annoyed and tells Gordon who Ted is. Gordon proves this, and it ties in with someone else’s previous actions, however, he stays schtumm.

Later Gordon realises that Eileen cannot possibly be the author of Margery Dore, Eileen is a nice lady, polite, stylish, faithful. Not the frump he has been told the author of Margery Dore is. Soon afterwards he finds it’s Laura. Again he stays schtumm. But by now a wriggling squirming Laura and Ted are very uncomfortable. What will they do?

But there is more. Laura and Ted are both known to Abigail. Abigail seeks a high profile for herself and converses with Laura and Ted regularly on Twitter. Laura and Ted will always support Abigail if she finds herself in a lively debate.

Abigail refutes she knows who Ted is but this misrepresentation is transparent. She does, however, admit to knowing who Laura is, and when Eileen is being accused of being the author of Margery Dore, Abigail stays silent, allowing Eileen to be misrepresented, as she has done to poor Darren.

Now what sort of person would get mixed up in all that?