We had a communion service in school today, as part of our day of prayer. As we got to the start of Communion I noticed a few people looking at me wide eyed. As everyone came to receive communion people were looking over my right shoulder. Although curious, I didn’t stop to look at what they were looking at.

When they had all received I returned the Blessed Sacrament to the tabernacle and looked in the direction they were looking, at the vestry door. There was nothing there. I returned to the altar when something emerged into my line of vision from my right.

To say you could have put a saddle on the spider that had been on my shoulder as I had distributed communion would be an exaggeration, but it was a fair size. How I didn’t jump like a wooss I do not know (for I am one), and to be frank, the size of the thing! I am surprised I neither felt or heard it, even through my alb.

As I looked at the spider it slightly raised a leg to its right, as if to wave. As I did the post communion prayer it scuttled down my sleeve until shook it to the ground, where it then made its way into the sacristy, which is where it must have come from in the first place.

I was told later that it slowly appeared on my right shoulder and just stayed there until it moved when I saw it.