It’s been raining bishops in England and Wales lately. Scotland had a episcopal appointment recently too with John Keenan going to Paisley, but since last July when Bishop Hopes was translated to East Anglia we’ve had three new bishops and a new Archbishop.

Firstly Mgr Mark O’Toole went to Plymouth, then Fr Robert Byrne was appointed as an auxiliary in Birmingham, this was followed by the excitement of Bishop McMahon being translated to Liverpool as Archbishop and today Mgr Nick Hudson was appointed as an auxiliary bishop for Westminster.

We have lots to pray about here; we must pray that the Holy Spirit, who has worked well in these men to lead them where they are continues his work to strengthen them. We must pray in gratitude for their ministries, we must pray for those they leave behind as they move on and we must pray in thanks to God that we are in such safe hands.

And they will be safe hands too, as the Holy Spirit guides them and works through them.

I have every faith.

PS: in all the excitement I forgot about Cardinal Nichols getting his red hat.