I had a big row last night which was silly of me. The people I was arguing with all hide behind “anonymous” accounts. Added to which it was only other “anonymous” accounts who were supporting them.

One other chap did offer support to one of the anonymous accounts, although he chose not to address any matter put to him by real people.

I don’t usually name people in my blog unless I have their permission, but considering the argument was about a sockpuppet account, therefore a fictitious character, like Sooty, or Norman Bates, there is no reason not to name the poisonous, harping Bruvver Eccles.

Apparently one of the anonymous chaps is more critical of Eccles than I, who has, along with my family endured abuse upon abuse from this vile character. What piffle. The two accounts are very chummy and retweet each other regularly.

On understanding he’d overstepped the mark this particular account back tracked somewhat, explaining how Eccles was the account he was most critical of, but another still saw him as more critical of Eccles than I.

I have to say I hate to think how I would judge myself if Eccles was a supporter of mine,

Yesterday I published a blog post on how much nicer things have been on Twitter of late, Eccles saw fit to parody this, you can read it here.


Why would this be done? Who knows what drives a fictitious character to act like utter filth.