I know it’s Christmas time but my word have I experienced a bit of Peace To All Mankind these past few days.

Last week someone on Twitter sent me a screen shot of a direct message conversation.  the conversation went along the lines of “feeling very guilty about how I have treated Tony”.  My correspondent says “well get in touch and tell him” only to be told (and oh how I wish I could share a picture) “I can’t the others won’t like it”.   My correspondent was not happy about this, but for me, after all the flak aimed at me and my family, it was a gift from God.

Two others were seen to defend me this week when the three of us felt I was unfairly named in a tweet.  I have been in touch with the tweeter to ask what they have seen, as opposed to what they have been told, and subsequently name me. They’ve not been Christian enough to respond sadly, but having had two others acknowledge the unfairness of it all made me want to dance.

Someone whom I had not been friends with emailed me a name behind one of one of the sockpuppet/anonymous/pseudonymous accounts that uses their fakery  to be snide about me and mine.  I’d been told this name before by someone I am friendly with, but coming from this source was touching.

Two other tweeters with whom I had had big disagreements followed me out of the blue, I was a bit weary at first but, so far so good.

Yesterday I had a hum dinger of a Twitter exchange with some people who would call themselves pro choice Christians, on the matter of abortion.  Some of my tweets were retweeted by some sockpuppet/anonymous/pseudonymous accounts and also a chap whom I had appeared to upset before but could not get to the bottom of why.  Usually retweeting like this is done to try to embarrass me (guess what?) but this time, they all appeared to be on my side.

During Saturday evening  I was told someone, who I had not heard of, wanted my email address.  I said they could have it.  This was was really interesting, why?  Last year someone calling themself Darren told me, via email, who the owners of five anonymous accounts were.  I did some googling and was able to verify one of them.  On Sunday morning I awoke to an email saying I had done a good job in my abortion discussion and even one of the more vicious accounts had said so. The email waffled a bit (sorry if you are reading this) and I deleted it. I wish I hadn’t, as I think about it now, it’s clearly the same person who called them-self Darren that sent this email.  I honestly believe Darren to be a mischief maker, but there was no mischief in his latest email, just waffle, lots and lots of waffle.

During the week I upset someone with regard to Tom Daly’s wrapping paper (do wot Tone?) it transpires the Daly family wrapped all Tom’s presents in the rainbow flag to show him how they accept him for who he is.  This didn’t sit well with me, you wouldn’t wrap a newly wed’s Christmas presents in wedding paper would you?  Or a new parent’s presents in baby paper.  I guess I must have articulated myself badly and my tweets came across as homophobic.  I particularly upset one person, who today I have tweeted with happily.

24 hours later I also managed to have a cordial conversation with one of the people I argued with about abortion.

In this past week there has been a nice Christmassy feel about Twitter, less fractious, paths of peace being laid and injustices highlighted.

2014 is looking good.