Having read last week’s blog post, a few people have asked why I have not taken the matter further. Why did I not stick out for a pay-out?  Why did I not go public?  Have I not let them get away with it?

Well firstly, they may look as if they have got away with it now, but as I said last week, there will be a judgement Day,.

I did not have the strength to go for a pay-out.  There were times I did not have the strength to get on the first train in the morning let alone get confrontational.  And there too is why I did not go public.

There is no ‘statute of limitations’ on my calling those that I could, to account. But what happens?  Money gets spent that should be spent on the betterment of those who should be served.  I could, as I have been told, win easily and then return any money.  And a win would be easy with recordings and transcripts of conversations and emails judged as hectoring and harassing, screenshot and kept safe.

But money would still be diverted from its just cause.  When we are entrusted with public money we have a responsibility to see the public are served appropriately.  There is no point in complaining the government waste money and then engage in similar activities, be they defending your case or having your mates in as consultants so they can earn a bit of bunce and be nice to you when you need payback.

My integrity just would not allow it.