Last week was one of my favourite weeks in school, it was Reconciliation Week.  It’s always so heartening when students come freely to seek the sacrament, or, in the case of non Catholics, even non Christians, to speak to a priest.  It’s also a joy that the priests are willing to be so generous with their time.

With the priests sitting on the sanctuary at discrete distances from each other I have music playing softy to stop any any conversations being overheard. Edwin Fawcett is a regular feature for this task but we do use sacred music too.

One of the boys commented on leaving the chapel that perhaps Christmas carols could have been played, I explained why not.

Later in the playground some of the chaps chatted to me about about carols they felt we might get away with, while I was gently firm on the matter it’s always a treat when the students want to speak to you in their free time.  The lads and I found we had a mutual appreciation for the a cappella group Pentatonix, we then started discussing which was their best carol performance.  it soon boiled down to two, rejecting O Holy Night for being too “grantastic” (don’t you love teenagers)  it came down to a battle between two, Mary Did You Know  and Little Drummer Boy  ; see what you think.