…heard Joanna Bogle speak, put in on your bucket list.

Joanna came into school today to speak to Faith Club, her topic was St John Paul the Great and I defy anyone to know the great saint anywhere near as well as Joanna does.

The boys, most of whom were in Year Seven sat enthralled. We know they were listening as they laughed at the right times and put their hands up to ask questions all the way through.

There were questions and comments from the lads after and then we all repaired to the Sixth Form Centre for tea and toast (Tea-toast-Holy Ghost is an old Faith Club motto, thank you Ger) I could not stay afterwards as, like Joanna, we celebrate a family birthday today, but unlike Joanna, I was the chef.

Joanna was a joy, the lads were a joy and I cannot recommend highly enough that you make time to hear her speak with such joy on the great man that was John Paul II


The boys being ‘Bogled’ and loving it