The error of the Icebucket Challenge was a positive out of a negative. It came about when someone spotted I have a stalker of whom I was not aware. I have other Twitter stalkers, but there is only one of (well I was going to say six profiles but it could be any amount) the six of whom I was aware that I take seriously. The rest I let have their little play, their rants and their comments. Like we used to say in the playground when I was a schoolboy, If they’re having a pop at me they’re leaving someone else alone, and they find plenty of people to lay in to. And it’s done anonymously, using a name that is not their own, apart from the one I take seriously.

But this stalker was different. It is someone who knows me personally, someone with whom I have eaten and drank (yes, that drank) and someone for whom I had a lot of time. I was not only shocked by this behaviour but shaken, and I still am as I type this.

I am not equating my experience with those who have suffered grievous harm due to the behaviour of stalkers, I must make that clear. But when power neediness leads to a Lack of Virtue, this is how such people, and their associates, usually people they know in the flesh, start to act, and they adopt it as their norm.

They are oblivious to how their actions are received. This trait is common in people who have Asperger’s Syndrome but that is not a defence this little mob can use.

Finding out about this latest person has spooked me I admit, I expected better. To be honest I am angry with myself for not listening to someone who used to see them daily and putting myself in a position where I can feel disappointed.

I’ll stay off Twitter for a few days and let my own personal dust settle, then I’ll man up and get back to tweeting nonsense, something at which I excel.