By now we all know what it was about, Michael Fabricant MP tweeted

I could never appear on a discussion prog with @y_alibhai I would either end up with a brain haemorrhage or by punching her in the throat

The @y_alibhai in question being the journalist Yasmin Alibhai Brown. Ms Alibhai Brown was on a Channel Four programme with Rod Liddle. In the course of that programme, Ms Alibhai Brown informed Mr Liddle how much she loathes him.

Mr Fabricant was obviously witness to this exchange, where Ms Alibhai Brown lauded the fact she was able to say this to Mr Liddle’s face without any comeback and he tweeted the above.

Now, I may have missed something, but somewhere along on the way the words ‘want to’ have been attributed to Mr Fabricant and Ms Alibhai Brown has run with it. We have now seen a feast of victimhood from the lady, and lots of generalisations about men.

Ms Alibhai Brown descirbes herself as a ‘responsible person’ ( see third paragraph

but I cannot say I am convinced. Saying you are happy to tell some to their face you loathe them is akin to hate speech, that’s a crime in the third millennium. Loathe their views yes, but tell them you loathe the person?

The following evening Ms Alibhai Brown was on Channel Four with James Delingpole. Ms Alibhai Brown’s take on the whole issues refers to her Pakistani ethnicity and her gender. Mr Fabricant does not mention either of these matters. She guesses what he is thinking, in doing so she implies racism on his part, this is false witness.

Ms Alibhai Brown added ‘want to’ to Mr Fabricant’s words, which again is false witness. If you look above, you’ll see he does not mention the word ‘want’ once. The tweet does not mention wanting a brain hemorrhage, it refers to what he might do. Everyone has had one of those ‘I wouldn’t be responsible for my actions’ moments where we throw a cup or rip a book or smash up a pen, that is what Fabricant referred to.

Alibhai Brown simply could not take the criticism. I have seen this before, you criticise someone and their response is to imply it’s about their gender, age faith, whatever, and labelling you a bigot is their only defence.

If you doubt me, ask yourself this, what if Fabricant had spoken of Liddle’s throat?

The dismissal of the apology rings a bell too.