You know those ‘did I dream that?’ moments, I had one today. I was driving between schools and was coming up to make a right turn, I was indicating.

There was a chap in a convertible, coming out of the turning I was turning in to, I was on a main road and had right of way. The roof of the convertible was down (how vulgar, not envious) and the car was half way across the oncoming lane , however, the driver had his arm on the passenger seat and was looking behind him, I assumed he was going to reverse back into the road from which he was turning.

As I went to make the right turn a car came up on the right hand side of the convertible, in the lane I was about to turn into, we were all blocked. The driver of the convertible then started shouting at me “Oh you silly billy, what a daft chap you are” or words to that effect (think post watershed) I was just about to give him my best middle age/England/management “excuse me but I believe I have right of way” when in a flash he was out of the car, on the floor and handcuffed.

My first thought was “a bit OTT for some strong language “ when I realised the car that pulled up next to him had all four doors open and the convertible driver was being arrested, I heard the words “you do not have to say anything but, mind your head…….” and in seconds the convertible was being driven off by a policeman while three others drove off in their car with their quarry.

I made my right turn thinking ‘I’ll never know…………..’