It’s no secret that I have had a bad time on social media, particularly Twitter, and it’s no secret that, hands up, I have contributed to my own hard time.  Further down the list of my blog posts I confess I shall not be conversing with any anonymous Twitter profiles.  But I have relented.  the main source of me relenting is a Twitter profile that goes under the name of  Adiutricem Populi (Collegiality of the People, if your Latin is like mine).

As I did not know who ‘Audrey’ as some Twitterers refer to the profile, is, in the days when I had issues, I blocked Adiutricem Populi.  I explained this to the profile owner.  Anyone else I had blocked had been a little tetchy with me, but ‘Audrey’ was fully understanding.  ‘Audrey’ took some time away from Twitter. On returning I was followed.  I blocked.  But beforehand I sent them a direct message explaining why. ‘Audrey’s’ reply will stay with me forever, it was between ourselves but full understanding of my situation was proffered.

After a while I started following certain profiles again in the crusade  for peace. “audrey” was one of them.  Some offered peace but then backed off, with others it was clear that the best way to seek peace was to leave each other in peace, with others, peace was not going to be considered.  For these I pray daily (yes, really, I really really do)

‘Audrey’ not only accepted my situation but also offered me prayers. And this is what Christianity is all about.  As Christians we are here to build each other up.  if one of us gets a new job, let’s laud it, if one of us gets a gig writing for the catholic press, well, Hello!  Kudos you my friend,  thank you for taking the time.  If one of us finds our Bishop/PP/Pope being questioned in a blog by a priest/deacon/layman let’s big up the good stuff rather than engage with the negatives.  When we call in to question publicly the actions of another of our brethren, we are failing, Christianity build, it doesn’t attempt to destroy.

Adiutricem Populi  offers me prayers regularly.   Unbeknown to the profile owner I offer prayers daily.  Let us build, out loud, let’s complain in private.  Let us let the world see that Christians will be known by their love.