Some people are such devils.

By that I mean they try to lead me into temptation.  I’m Twitter fasting for Lent and I’ve been very disciplined about it.  I’ve deleted the app from my phone and I only use a computer when I am working, where I cannot access Twitter.    I’ve also given up alcohol, which seeing as I only have a snifter at the weekends has not been too gruelling.  It’s Twitter I have missed.

Sometimes something happens on Twitter and I am advised ‘you need to see this’.  the sort of thing I am talking about is when someone who I have suggested  several  times should leave me in peace as I do them decides to join in poking fun at me  in a “let’s ignore Bishop Egan’s words for myself yet expect it from others” sort of way, or someone tweets a blog post full of contradictions.

But no!  I hold hard and settle for the screen caps and links they send me.  Even then, the links get ignored.

But today the temptation to log on and favourite one particular tweet where someone else has learned what so many of us have been saying for so long was so great I had to shut down my computer and pray.  I prayed in adoration and thanksgiving at how good God is.

It worked, but then, prayer is like that