Last April when Archbishop Nichols said this: –

there was uproar.

Today Bishop Egan said this: –

The right wingers will have a meltdown (pulls up chair, gets popcorn and waits…………)

For myself; I promoted Archbishop Nichols’ words last year, I shall promote Bishop Egan’s words this year.  I don’t think anyone can say I have not made every attempt to correct my uncharitable moments.  I have had to take steps via this blog to fight false witness.  I hope I can fully live up to BIshop Egan’s words.

If I don’t, shout me.

Update: Terribly upset to see someone blog eloquently on the same matter but then show their true colours in their comment box. It’s all been passively aggressively consigned to my ‘Siberia’ blog as proof that

1- I had to start blogging to protect my reputation from such vicious frustration.

2 – Some of us cannot walk the talk. It leaves us wondering if some blogs have more than one author, which is unkind when they really need our prayers.