Today a blog post was made in which I feature.  The post in question was from someone who has just left Twitter after years of abuse being thrown at them.

Among the abusers was I, the comment on the blog said the author had been “parodied in a blogpost by a deacon in Holy Orders” The author has made a link to the post in question, I have authorised this as I have nothing to hide.  What those who hit on the link will find is my blogpost Viz for Catholics where the author is one of 11 people parodied in the blog.  The bitter irony in my case is Viz for Catholics was to make people understand when you are parodied and mocked and, more importantly, your loved ones are subjected to it too, it’s hurtful.  The author has acknowledged their own pain, without remotely referring to mine.  This insertion into the post makes it look as if the whole post was about the author, until the reader clicks on the link.

Like our author I have suffered grievously at the hands of those who have taken to disliking me.  The author and I have had our differences in the past.  Come November this year it was clear we were better to leave one another in peace.  This lead to some disappointment; on 8 November when the author tweeted “Hoping @XxxxxxxXxxxxx comes to see my seaside donkeys on his pilgrimage.  And the shrine to St Isidore in my shed” The shed is a reference to me and part of an ongoing theme.  I once tweeted my home wifi coverage reached my shed and a myriad of sock puppets picked up on this and made references to a deacon in a shed, or a shed in Croydon, have a look there are lots there.

A couple of days later on 11 November our author conversed with a new sock puppet account, one which sprung out of nowhere and made frequent references to me, and even on one occasion said “Acherley, I’ll just be rood about his wife and his parish now. Might as well be hung for a sheep as a ram. Bottom to you. There!”  Quite comedic, well it would be if it were not attempting to make light of the pain caused.

On 5 November there was an exchange with a few people which referred to a dog named Deacon.  Two of the people in the conversation do not like me (don’t know why!).  It would be quite insulting to anyone’s intelligence to deny the comments are not an attempt to snigger up one’s sleeve at me.  One such comment, from our author, referred to using the command “Be Clean – “Deacon – be clean”.

As I have said before, there have been problems between myself and the author in the past.  Where I have caused upset I have made every possible attempt to correct this, I doubt perfectly, but I have sought to make peace.  Even simply by leaving them alone.

Since the start of November I have done just that.   I would have hoped to have been left alone also, to not do so does not sit well with the New Evangelisation, but I shall plough on with it as best I can and hope we really can leave each other in peace.