Yesterday’s blog post made my point so beautifully I could not have orchestrated it better myself.

There were lots of comments In the wee small hours, shared among various people saying how bad I was with some of my parodies. Not one of them had the spine to decry the comments made about my wife or parish though. I suspect they don’t want the sock puppet master (for there is but one) to start picking on them. Not a single solitary one noted what I had said previously, if it’s said about me and mine it’s satire, if I say it, it’s a nasty little dig, and thats what I was accused of.

Apparently the puppet master ‘liking’ my blog must get up my nose. No, not at all, I’ve seen that tactic used before on social media, ‘like’ something and then have a meltdown about it.

I must try and remember who that was. Perhaps my reader from Ecuador, or the Methodist Hall.

Anyway, thank you folks, keep the hit rate up.